NIN Registration


We are National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) partners and in collaboration with Seamfix provide NIN enrolment services to Nigerian citizens in the United Kingdom.At our centres in Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle, you can get your Nigerian NIN within 24 hours.

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Checklist For Your Appointment

Completed NIN Registration Form

(Print Form HERE)

Your Nigerian Passport (Valid Or Expired)

Your BVN Number (If you have ever had one)



Why You Should Get Your NIN 

  • Confirm and verify your identity when you engage in travels and transactions abroad as a Nigerian.
  • Register and maintain access to your Nigerian SIM card.
  • Gain complete access to services from the Nigerian Government anywhere.
  • Register for a Voters Card and the freedom to vote as a franchised Nigerian citizen.
  • Renew your International Passport wherever you are.
  • Register for a driver’s licence as a Nigerian.
  • Open a Nigerian bank account or reactivate a dormant account.
  • Carry out consular services for Nigerian embassies and missions abroad.


NIN issuance

  • The normal time frame for issuance of National Identification Number (NIN) Slip is 24hrs from the time the biometric details are captured at enrolment centers.
  • We will send your digital NIN ID by email within 1 hour of release.